Broken Bones In Broken Homes

by (re)build

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Sitting in the dark, why must this be so hard
Waiting for the screams to stop she cries silently hoping no one hears or finds her
She can't stand the screams anymore!
It tears her apart inside
All she wanted was happiness but all she got was hate and tears
What did she do to deserve this
She couldn't stand this place that they called home
It wasn't home
It was hell
It brought tears to her eyes by just the thought
What did she do to deserve this
She has noone to trust
Laying crying, she cuts herself, watching the crimson flow

Ripped from her bed at night
The dark man with the grizzly smile makes her his whipping boy
Everlasting terror and spite in her eyes, “will this be my demise?”
Drug induced comatose rage infuses him, leaving scars that last a lifetime

The demon stalks her nights
She hears the monsters call echo through her mind

“I will no longer allow it!”

“Take your controlling attitude elsewhere
This world does not belong to you
You will not walk all over me
I won’t allow it!”

“You will be the downfall of everything
Your world will crumble before you
Hide behind your feeble actions
Nothing will save you now”

“I will find you even if it’s the last thing ill do
The damage you’ve caused is too much to repair”


released February 18, 2014



all rights reserved


(re)build Hollywood, Florida

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